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Sexual subjugation in Lvov

Ukraine- the lumbering leviathan on the edge of Europe, on the edge of Asia and on the edge of Russia. Ukraine is neither here nor there and until twenty years ago it was precisely nowhere, absolutely non-existent as an independent … Continue reading

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I am a teacher.

Since I’ve been in Moscow I’ve been teaching English, maths and science to rich children. The first kid I taught was an intolerable prick, and despite his young age (15) I can’t forgive him for that. However, I kept my … Continue reading

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Love in a hard place.

In Moscow God moves in mysterious ways. This city serves up unexpected kindness and punishment in equal measure, constantly keeping you on your toes. Everyday life depresses, delights and confuses me.  In this city of contrasts, Ladas and Limousines bounce … Continue reading

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The police in Russia

In England, unless you’re doing something wrong, policemen make you feel safer. In Russia, policemen make you feel less safe. They fulfil an inverse function, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation amongst law abiding citizens, whilst protecting criminals from … Continue reading

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